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December 26, 2013


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Follow Marko’s collegue in Vietnam, Australian born Shane Palmer, who has taken over the administration of the organization, leaving Marko to run the day to day operations in Thailand

Shane has been traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia for the last 9 years together with the Australian Vietnam Veterans Association and has worked in the capacity as their medic. The group visits a number of orphanages which they support by supplying food, educational equipment such as books, laptops and a number of other learning aids. They also have been providing financial support to purchase water filters, help with funds for transportation, supply clothing, provide funds for buildings, etc.

Shane’s primary function as a medic is to run clinics where all the adults and children can have health checks and then if needed are referred to hospital for further treatment. Examples are infections, tropical diseases, respiratory problems, dehydration, musculoskeletal disorders, trauma related problems, etc. Shane also teaches First Aid and Pre-Hospital Emergency Care skills and also supplies basic medicines and First Aid equipment.

Shane has been an Officer of the Bangkok Free Ambulance for a few years now and supports Marko not only in an operational role but also in an nonadministrative role. Shane works in New Zealand and is an Ambulance Officer for St. Johns in a paid role and also as a volunteer  for over 12 years now.

He has received medals, citations and other awards for the work he has accomplished in Vietnam, St John’s and during the Christchurch Earthquake.

Why does he continue to do this type of work?

His answer is: “Well, I have been told you can’t save the world but I strongly believe you can make a difference in someone’s life, whether that’s by applying a dressing, giving someone a hug, or just being there when they move on to the next stage of life. I love people and helping them, so working with people like Marko who shares my passion is just a reconfirmation of what I believe in.”

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