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Marko Cunningham


March 5, 2014

To the rescue: Stories from Healthcare Workers at the Scenes of Disasters

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Filled with inspiring accounts of human valor, the reader will be able to access the minds of the emergency workers, that just like Marko Cunningham, go out there everyday with no other purpose than to save lives.

 Written by  Nancy Leigh Harless.

Every year, around the globe, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and a host of other disasters devastate the lives of millions. But upon notice of a catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or the tsunamis in Indonesia, physicians, nurses, and EMTs go into action to save lives. In “To the Rescue, “those closest to the scene of disaster share intimate tales from the front-lines about the people they meet and the remarkable obstacles they must confront in order to care for patients under extraordinary circumstances. “To the Rescue” provides a fascinating journey into the hearts and minds of the people around the world who save and care for the millions who are affected every year by extreme situations. Heartwarming and inspiring, these are stories readers won’t soon forget.

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