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October 8, 2015

Machete attack: Severed limb dressing

October 8, 2015 | By |

This video is for rescue workers and features some graphic scenes of a machete attack and how we took care of a severed limb. Comments/discussion welcome.

On a Tuesday night in Tong-Lor a teen gang chased down and cut off the hand of a rival. On my motorcycle ambulance I arrived too soon as the gang was just leaving with machetes in hand and walked straight past me, thankfully ignoring me. They are afraid of nothing. It’s a tense moment as I am there to assist their foe. I make my way in past the victim’s shocked friends and shop owner, Two morons are standing in the doorway filming the teen bleed out, I push pass them realizing now I am alone in the back room surrounded by teen thugs with weapons. I try to concentrate on my job as I see a teen on the stairwell holding his stump where his hand used to be. Blood has been sprayed all around the room and a large pool of blood is on the floor around the teen. I only have 2 small hip bags of dressings but luckily have an Israeli bandage which I decide to use to stop the now weak flow of blood coming from the stump. The teen is pale and looks ready to pass out but manages to keep talking with his friend. As i am working I am still keeping an eye behind me in case the gang returns to finish him off, or his friends arrive with guns to retaliate. I work as fast as i can not only for his sake but for mine.
As I finish I see the hand on the floor and pick it up and put it in a plastic bag, just then, to my relief, my friend Yo walks in behind me and without me asking he coolly goes straight to the freezer for a bag of ice. We pack the hand and transport him out to a waiting volunteers ambulance. I’m standing outside coming down from the adrenaline rush when a girl, perhaps the teens friend or family member walks up to me and thanks me, she takes me off guard after such a tense moment.
The police officers face says it all at the end of the video when he inquires about the severed hand.

This should also be a warning to anyone, not to ever get involved in fights in Thailand. Thai justice can be quick and unforgiving.

Blur and music is to hide victims and assailants as this is an ongoing case.