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Marko Cunningham


February 28, 2014

Kiwi injured in Bangkok fighting

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Marko is back on the internet news world.

This time we have a story published by about the Bangkok protests in 2010. Marko gives his opinion on the unrest and shines some light on events that lead to foreigners getting injured during the demonstrations.

Story by Simon Shepherd

A New Zealand journalist has been injured in Bangkok’s street battles.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the 25-year-old was one of six foreigners hurt, and has just upgraded the travel advice to the highest level.
Further information is hard to get as the hospital where the New Zealander is being treated is in the middle of the clashes.

There is no sign of either side backing down. Since Thursday, 30 civilians have been killed in fighting that’s turned parts of Bangkok into an urban warzone.

The news a Kiwi was among the injured was confirmed by another Kiwi working as a paramedic in Bangkok. “I believe it was six foreigners, all got hit at the same time, and I believe they were all journalists and they were all doing something together,” paramedic Marko Cunningham told 3 News.

Foreign Affairs says getting details is difficult, but the man was treated and released from hospital at the weekend.

Another New Zealander was also in the battle zone, and stuck in her apartment for three days until she managed to escape. “On Saturday night it got crazy,” she told 3 News. “Gunfire from the building next door to us and loud explosions through the night… We were hiding in the bathroom because it was insane.”

The anti-government ‘Red Shirts’ have offered to negotiate as long the UN is involved and army troops are cleared off the streets – conditions rejected by the Thai government.

Protestors now claim the army is using snipers to pick people off.

Mr Cunningham says splinter factions on both sides are trying to escalate the conflict by targeting foreigners. “My boss is trying to call me off working in the ambulance ’cause I am a prime target,” he says. He has decided to not tell his boss where he is going.

Foreign Affairs now says there is extreme risk in Bangkok and is warning against any travel to the city.

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