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About Us

Our reward is knowing we make a difference

The BFA assists with accidents and/or deaths, its primary service being medical care. The BFA also works with other foundations, police, government, communities, embassies, etc. in EMS care and education, deaths, fires, disaster relief, schools for the poor, PR, translations and much more. BFA is particularly committed to assisting the poor and needy. BFA has assisted over 10,000 people so far in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Now on Facebook.

Who Are We

The Bangkok Free Ambulance (BFA) is a registered Foundation in New Zealand(NZ). Marko Cunningham, Shane Palmer, Dorina Bochow, and Paul Cunningham are all officers of this Foundation. All money and equipment in this foundation belongs to the BFA and not Marko Cunningham. Should the Foundation discontinue, any money or equipment would belong to the Charities Commission of New Zealand and not to any one person or group as per NZ law.

Our Mission

To work with local and international NGO’s to initiate and further develop Free and Effective EMS systems within communities in the SE Asian area. To train and support locals to help themselves in areas of healthcare and emergency care in a sustainable way. To assist in the provision of EMS and relief supplies in times of natural disasters worldwide. To assist in providing a better and fair world for all.

Where We Operate

Most of our work is done in Thailand where we provide various medical services. We also provide assistance in Myanmar, Vietnam and New Zealand